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Ester release agent

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Ester release agent

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  • Release date:2018/12/22
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P-965 release agent

product description:

         The appearance of the product is white powder without any side effects. It is mainly used for processing and modification of engineering plastics. It is used in PVC processing to facilitate the flow of molten state. It is mainly used for compounding various hard PVC materials, and its excellent prevention of precipitation. Scale and stable metal stripping ability can effectively extend the boot time and reduce material loss. It is a new type of high-efficiency environmental protection processing aid. It can achieve satisfactory results with trace amount (0.05-0.20PHR). The compound and metal have good mold release property and increase production capacity. Used for injection molding, rolling release effect characteristics.

Ester release agent

The main function

The main function

    1. Improve the finish of the tread production, which is conducive to the production of high-demand printing folding boxes.

Improve the wheel surface is bright and clean level of the production, to produce high demand printing folding boxes.

   2. Automatically adjust the lubrication balance of the rubber compound, strengthen the initial gelation, and prevent the suction roller or the adhesive roller from being attached to the roller in the early stage.

The lubricating of the balance, strengthening the early gelation, prevent early late do not stick roll suction roll or die.

3, slow down the adhesion and retention of materials in the extrusion equipment, to avoid black spots, yellow, and extend the boot cycle.

Slow down the material adhesion and stranded in extrusion equipment, avoid black spots, the production of yellow line, extend the boot cycle.

4, good compatibility, and other processing aids have a good synergy in the rigid PVC high-filling formula has a coupling and integration.

A recommended high dosage of 50-200 g (per 100 kg of PVC resin) is not more than 400 g.

Packing size, 25kg / box.

A satisfactory amount can be achieved by using (0.05-0.20PHR).

Good compatibility with other processing additives have good synergy in rigid PVC high fill tormula has coupling with the aojiang cooperation.

Suggested usage 50 to 200 grame(every)100kg of PVC resin with high filling recipes, it is advisable to not more than 400 grams.

Packing specifications, 25kg/carton. 

Ester release agentEster release agent

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