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Medium viscosity polyethylene wax

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Medium viscosity polyethylene wax

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  • Release date:2018/12/22
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 Medium viscosity polyethylene wax

Application range

1. As a lubricant used in PVC processing and combination, forming a film in PVC and its extrusion equipment can improve production efficiency and save energy.

2, has good oxidation resistance and white appearance, and no fish eyes, so it is the ideal carrier for masterbatch and functional masterbatch for polyolefin; for PVC polar plastic, it has high efficiency external lubricant.

3, used in hot melt adhesive can improve the fluidity, wettability of the glue, shorten the curing time, reduce the spinning phenomenon, improve the gloss and flow capacity; also can be used as a viscosity modifier.

4, the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance can be used for printing ink, can print the clarity of the ink surface, improve the surface hardness of the surface scratch resistance.

5. It has more wettability with various pigments, especially in the configuration of high concentration color masterbatch and pigment which is difficult to disperse, showing excellent dispersion properties of the product.

6, as a processing aid in the rubber and tire industry can improve release capacity, viscosity, compatibility. It acts as a screen between the rubber surface and the air, preventing atmospheric ozone from drying the rubber, thereby maintaining the strength of the tire.

7. It can be used as a lubricant and release agent to treat thermoplastic resin, which promotes better extrusion and reduces molding cycle time.

Medium viscosity polyethylene waxMedium viscosity polyethylene wax

Torque rheological performance comparison

Medium viscosity polyethylene wax