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Application range of Fischer-Tropsch wax

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Application range of Fischer-Tropsch wax

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Application range of Fischer-Tropsch wax

(1) As an excellent external lubricant in the processing of PVC profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, foamed sheets, wood plastics and other plastic products, it has a good late lubrication ability, which can bring luster appearance and lower processing to products. Torque.

(2) As a highly effective dispersing agent in the masterbatch, the filler masterbatch, the modified masterbatch, and the functional masterbatch, the inorganic component and the pigment are more uniformly dispersed and the appearance is more beautiful.

(3) It is an excellent external lubricant in PVC stabilizer, especially environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizer. The use of suitable internal lubricant can greatly improve the overall use effect of the stabilizer and improve the cost performance.

(4) The viscosity and hardness of the product can be better adjusted in the hot melt adhesive to improve the fluidity.

(5) In the paint, paint and road marking paint, it mainly plays the role of heat resistance, defoaming, leveling, anti-settling and dispersion, and improves the surface hardness of the product to improve the wear resistance and anti-smear performance.

(6) A modifier in paraffin wax can increase the melting point and crystallinity of paraffin wax.

(7) Used as a release agent and a protective agent in rubber.

Fischer-Tropsch wax