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Fischer-Tropsch wax description and application range

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Fischer-Tropsch wax description and application range

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Fischer-Tropsch wax description and application range


Melting point: 105 ° C, penetration: 2.0-3.0/d-mm, viscosity: 17 cps, good compatibility with resin, good color. 80% can replace px-105, there are successful cases, the price is absolutely superior.


Fischer-Tropsch wax

The Fischer-Tropsch wax polymer is a non-polar wax. The wax is composed of 91 to 95% of conventional petroleum hydrocarbons, and the rest are tertiary hydrocarbons and methyl hydrocarbons having branches at the molecular end. This new generation of polymers with advanced technology combines high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness to provide excellent performance in a variety of applications. It uses a unique synthetic process, using carbon monoxide as a raw material, to produce hydrocarbons by polymerization under the action of hydrogen, high pressure and a unique catalyst.


Applications: Masterbatch manufacturing, hot melt adhesives, polymers, candles, cosmetics, wax blending, electrical insulation materials, textile processing, rubber oxidation resistance, crack resistance, bonding, anti-oxidation, shoe processing glazing, Vaseline machining.