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How to develop the special wax industry

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How to develop the special wax industry

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In recent years, the economic situation of the entire plastics industry has been sluggish. In this extraordinary period, how to develop the special wax industry is the problem. In the network reporter interviewed Zhang Hongbing, general manager of Jiangsu Union Chemical Co., Ltd., facing reporters, Zhang Zong The status quo of the industry is analyzed in detail from the perspective of professional PVC stabilizers.

Special wax

Special wax industrial products are completely independent of the petroleum industry. The quality of PVC plastics responds to national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements for new products, which are treated with 40% lower energy consumption than other plastic products, and treated with only 1/3 of other carbon products, in the future sustainable development, companies must Unswervingly the stabilizer in China's PVC industry can't be isolated after nearly 30 years of development. The PVC product processing industry has become the world's number one in China, even in the huge industry of trillions of dollars, due to geographical differences and economy. Unbalanced development, cultural differences, the overall water gap in related industries, and the lack of standard norms, the technical transformation of the industry faces enormous challenges. In the face of cruel market competition, enterprises are considering more survival, it is difficult to give up their immediate interests and consider longer-term development. Zhang always appeals to "protect our business, our industry, protect our competitive enterprises and need our concerted action." There is no strong legal and industry standard protection, in order to achieve sustainable development of the PVC stabilizer industry, just A piece of empty talk.